Visiting Executive Opportunities



Established in 1984, the Association of Professional Executives of the Public Service of Canada (APEX) is the national association for federal public service executives.  We focus on supporting the success of Executives and their community, and being the voice of that community.

APEX is an independent, not-for-profit organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors of federal executives.  Approximately 2,700 federal public service executives from across the country are members of APEX.  This membership has grown by 18% in the last year.

Led by the Chief Executive Officer, the association staff is composed of 2 other senior Executives (Senior Director of Operations and the Senior Advisor for Executives) in addition to about several Visiting Executives (VEs) from the public service via Interchange Canada, as well as some permanent staff of the corporation.  VEs are drawn from their home organizations with the agreement of their Deputy Heads to cover their full salary, performance pay, and benefits for the entire duration of their assignment at APEX.

APEX offers a well-appointed, positive and respectful work environment in our offices at 75 Albert Street, in downtown Ottawa.    While Executives located in the National Capital Region are expected to work with us in our offices, Executives from outside the NCR are invited to apply: we are open to working with colleagues who are not in the NCR from their current location.

APEX is looking for Executives at all levels currently employed in the Federal Public Service and eligible for an Interchange Agreement to fill the following roles:


1. Visiting Executive – Communications, Outreach and Member Engagement

APEX works hard to support the success of executives in the public service and is also the voice of the executive community.  APEX has a wealth of information and learning to share.  In order to well serve executives in the public service, we also need to maintain strong engagement with the executive community and, we need to well represent our community by being the voice of executives.

To help us engage, reach and support executives, APEX is seeking a Visiting Executive to provide leadership and expert advice in the development and implementation of a wide array of communications initiatives in support of the APEX vision and strategic objectives.

The Visiting Executive’s main responsibilities will include the development and execution of a strategic communication approach, which informs and also promotes engagement;  the development of public outreach programs, services and products tailored to APEX members in support of ongoing events, activities and research; championing the use of dynamic and innovative communications approaches and tools, including social media and a refreshed and relevant website presence, in order to best represent APEX in its role as the “Voice of Executives” and engage members; supporting the organization in Media Relations Activities; maintaining and growing the APEX relationship with its Organizational Representatives, Executive Resourcing Network  and some strategic partners; development and implementation of a plan to further expand growth in all membership segments, including with Executives outside the National Capital Region;  and, engagement with other VEs to advance APEX’s strategic objectives.

2. Visiting Executive – Program Development/Project Management Executive Health

The health and wellbeing of Executives remains a key priority for APEX. The Association provides evidence based advocacy for improvements to the workplace in an effort to enhance individual health outcomes and maximize organizational performance.

APEX is seeking a Visiting Executive who can take on responsibility for research and program development in support of mental and physical health of Public Service Executives and undertake research and initiatives on civility. This important project of work includes planning and executing surveys; communicating with executives around health; development of evidence based positions in support of Executives’ well-being and development of approaches to support Executives’ health.

The VE will work in close collaboration with experts to continue to provide insights and areas for action stemming from the 2017 APEX Executive Work and Health Survey as well as provide for a deeper dive into emerging physical and mental health issues impacting Executives. The VE will also work with a variety of experts, partners and stakeholders to produce evidenced-based research studies, events and presentations for APEX to continue to contribute to the body of health knowledge on executive and workplace health. The VE will work with other VEs to design and deliver new initiatives aimed at maintaining focus and momentum on workplace health and to help leaders address the factors that have a negative impact on the health and well-being of Executives. This opportunity will appeal to executives who wish to make a real contribution to the welfare and productivity of executives and their employees.

3. Visiting Executive – Events Programming

The VE will be responsible for the planning, development and delivery of a series of events for Executives, supporting their professional development. This function is responsible for leading APEX’s yearly event programming (with exception of the Leadership Symposium) and building an agenda to support APEX’s series of learning and networking events. Ideally, the candidate would have experience in project coordination/management, event planning and/or communications.

This position requires the VE to be in tune with the evolving needs of the Executive Community, based on what we have heard through engagement sessions and surveys; cognizant of government priorities; and aware of the trends that impact the work of federal executives. The VE will invite reputable speakers from the public and private sector, including Senior Officials, to make presentations and lead discussions on areas of high interest to EXs, to prepare appropriate support material and to promote the calendar of events through various channels, including the web and social media.  This VE position will also be responsible for the launch, support and delivery of the yearly APEX Awards of Excellence, the annual Recognition of Entry to the Executive Ranks (Induction Ceremony) event and other professional development events, such as the Executive Knowledge Series.  Supporting the Board of Directors Nominating Committee to the delivery of the Awards as part of the Annual Leadership Symposium, the VE will ensure the promotion of the Awards, the development of criteria to evaluate candidates, and the delivery of the Awards Ceremony.


All Visiting Executives are expected to show:

  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Comfort with collaboration across organizations and levels
  • Sound judgment
  • An ability to work alone but comfortable working as part of a team
  • Flexibility and adaptability to changing circumstances
  • Ability to perform all work related to their projects, without subordinate or administrative staff
  • Fluency in English and French

How to Apply:

Please submit a short letter to the Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer at

In your letter, please provide the following information:

  • the position in which you are interested and why;
  • how you demonstrate the above skills;
  • an indication that your home department would be willing to support your Interchange agreement.

In your application, please add the following:

  • copy of your resume;
  • copy of your performance agreements and ratings for the past 2 years.