2016 Winners

APEX works to develop a strong community of practice; promote the physical and mental health of executives; and support executive leadership excellence. In addition to these strategic objectives, the Association also fosters efforts to improve the level of pride and morale among public service executives, a key factor in improving overall health in the workplace. In support of this, APEX has an annual awards program to recognize the exceptional contributions of individual federal public service executives in the areas of: Leadership; Career Contribution; Partnership; Innovative Team; Healthy Workplace as well as a Public Service Citation.

Please join us in congratulating the accomplishments of these exceptional public servants:

  • Leadership Award

    Mr. Dan Couture, Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Human Resources Branch, Canada Revenue Agency, for his overall management excellence on numerous initiatives within his department and for his dedication to mentorship and coaching.

  • Innovation Team Award

    Implementation Committee for Employment and Social Development Canada's Integrated Framework on Mental Health in the Workplace and Occupational Health and Safety Team, Labour Program led by Ms. Sara Filbee, Assistant Deputy Minister, Atlantic Canada, Service Canada. This award recognizes the successful delivery of a multi-disciplinary project that contributes to improved service delivery for employees at all levels that directly support workplace wellbeing.

  • Career Contribution Award

    Mr. Norm Sheridan, Executive Director, Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), for consistently creating conditions for success for numerous projects within CBSA over his long standing career in particular for program delivery in the GTA.

  • Partnership Award

    Mr. Ezio DiMillo, Director General, Long Term Vision and Plan, Project Management and Delivery, Parliamentary Precinct, for his management excellence and collaboration and his ability to build strong relationships with partners which has led to the success of various projects for the Parliamentary Precinct.

  • Public Service Citation

    The Honourable Michael H. Wilson and Mr. Bill Wilkerson for their commitment and dedication in the area of mental health in the workplace, bringing science and workplaces together, both in America and Europe, to better understand issues related to mental health and propose practical solutions.

  • Healthy Workplace Award

    Ms. Jennifer Hollington, Director General, Communications,   Natural Resources Canada, for her dedication in the area of mental health in the workplace and for progress made in her department for creating a climate of respect at all levels.