2017 Winners

APEX works to develop a strong community of practice; promote the physical and mental health of executives; and support executive leadership excellence. In addition to these strategic objectives, the Association also fosters efforts to improve the level of pride and morale among public service executives, a key factor in improving overall health in the workplace. In support of this, APEX has an annual awards program to recognize the exceptional contributions of individual federal public service executives in the areas of: Leadership; Career Contribution; Partnership; Innovation; Healthy Workplace; Community Contribution as well as a Public Service Citation.


Please join us in congratulating the accomplishments of these exceptional public servants:


Leadership Award

Mr. George Green, Vice-president, retired, Indigenous Affairs and Cultural Heritage, Parks Canada, for his exceptional leadership of people which contributed to the success of several projects such as Parks Canada's efforts in Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples; as well his dedication to mentorship, coaching and diversity has contributed significantly to a positive workplace.



Career Contribution Award

Mr. Guy Baron, Director General, retired, Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, Labour Program, Employment and Social Development Canada, for an outstanding 30-year long public service career and for being a recognized leader in the field of mediation and conflict resolution.


Healthy Workplace Award

Ms. Nancy Chahwan, Deputy Commissioner, Canada Revenue Agency, for her  commitment and dedication to workplace wellness and, in particular, to mental health while working at the Treasury Board Secretariat where her efforts for creating a climate of respect was recognized at all levels.



Partnership Award

Ms. Megan Kennedy, Director General, Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security Oversight, Employment and Social Development Canada, for her ability to build and maintain strong partnerships which led to the success of various projects related to the Canada Pension Plan and the Old Age Security business transformation.


Innovation Award

Ms. Debora Turner, Director, Agency Logistics and Administrative Services, Canada Revenue Agency, for her innovative approach in the creation of the new state-of-the-art tax-related paper records storage model at the CRA.




Community Contribution Award

Ms. Sharon Squire, Deputy Veterans Ombudsman and Executive Director, Veterans Affairs Canada for her long-standing commitment and exceptional contributions as a volunteer in a number of organizations at the community, national and international levels.


Public Service Citation

The Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson, for leaving an indelible mark on Canada and on its Public Service as a journalist, novelist, television personality, publisher, public servant, and Governor General, and this, through undertakings such as boosting pride in the Canadian Forces, drawing national attention to Northern Canada, exploring Canadian culture and working closely with Indigenous communities.