Nomination Process

Nominating a Candidate

A few things to note as you prepare to nominate someone:

The person you wish to nominate must be a current member of the executive cadre, which excludes Deputy Head levels because these positions are appointed.  Recently retired executives need to have been working at the time the nomination process closes in order to be eligible.

The APEX selection review committee will be looking for information about the candidate beyond career history or resumes.  It is useful to provide information that supports accomplishments in the specific award category.  For example, a letter of support from staff can help demonstrate leadership; supporting documents from peers help demonstrate partnership.

A three-step process to follow:

  1. Complete the nomination form;
    Using the fillable pdf version (make sure to save it) of the form, fill in the required information - please note that the document is on-line friendly and downloadable. You’ll see that page one of the template is for basic information, and page two is for your narrative on how the candidate meets the selection criteria for the award for which you are nominating the person.

  2. Obtain three letters of support;
    The selection review committee will be looking for three individuals who attest to the candidate’s exceptional achievements. You, as the nominator, will need to contact individuals who are willing to support your nomination, and who will provide brief letters of support that you attach to the completed nomination form. Ensure the candidacy is supported by at least one APEX member. The Association can help identify members who could be approached for their support.

  3. Send in your nomination:
    The deadline for submitting nominations is February 17th, 2017.
    All nominators will receive an electronic message acknowledging receipt of their submission(s), which can be sent electronically, by fax, or by mail as follows:
Electronically: (

By Fax:              613.943.8919

By Mail:            Attention:
                         Alexandre Sincennes
                         APEX Awards Coordinator
                         APEX, 75 Albert Street, 4th floor – Suite 400
             Ottawa, ON K1P 5E7

Information about Award Winners:

Once the selection process is completed, APEX will immediately advise award winners of the committee’s decision. All nominators will be informed by letter of the results. As well, APEX will advise all nominees and their deputy heads by letter that their names had been put forward as candidates.

Names of the 2017 Award winners will be announced in a number of ways: the winners will be posted on APEX’s website, communicated via an e-communiqué to Association members, provided to media outlets, and included in various promotional materials.

Recipients will receive their award at the APEX Symposium gala dinner on June 7, 2017.