Strategic Plan 2015-2018

APEX Strategic Plan 2015-2018


We are delighted to share with you APEX's 2015-18 Strategic Plan which defines the organization's direction over the next three years. The plan is available here.

The strategic plan establishes our objectives, 2018 destination, and key priorities. It sets out a meaningful role for APEX with a view to supporting you as a federal executive, and the membership at large. Our three key objectives are:

  • Provide executives with opportunities to develop a strong community of practice;
  • Promote the physical and mental health of executives;
  • Support executive leadership excellence.

We recognize that our strategic plan cannot predict exactly how our environment will evolve and what kind of issues will surface over the next three years. Adjustments to the strategic plan will be made to address any potential changes.

In conclusion, we encourage you to review APEX's 2015-18 strategic plan

Yours sincerely,

Donna Achimov, Chair of the Board of Directors