Why Join APEX

APEX offers unique networking and learning opportunities for executives to engage in discussions with their peers and senior leaders on issues of professional and personal interest. In the upcoming year, we plan to provide a variety of formal and informal networking events such as our: new Breakfast Series/Executive Connections on topics of interest, such as policy innovation and development; lunch time webinars on topics such as, leadership competencies and maximizing employee engagement; our annual Learning and Development Symposium, and much more.

We can help you meet the requirements of your performance agreements by ensuring that you clearly demonstrate the new leadership competencies and effectively meet the 2015-16 Corporate Commitments - for example, the APEX Civility paper can help you promote a healthy, respectful and supportive workplace environment. APEX can also help you facilitate discussions on civility and respect within your own department/agency.

APEX is the voice of executives, we represent your interests through ongoing dialogue and strategic interventions with government decision-makers, such as the Deputy Community, the Advisory Committee on Senior Level Retention and Compensation and the Privy Council Office.