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APEX constituted the Human Resources (HR) Committee to ensure that the Association's Board of Directors, Secretariat and general membership benefit from timely, relevant insights on human resources issues that are pertinent to or have an impact on the executive community across the federal Public Service.  The HR Committee provides thoughtful recommendations to the Board of Directors and Secretariat of APEX in support of its strategic positions on HR-related matters.

What you need to know about EX workforce adjustment

As you know, APEX recently conducted a survey of its members seeking their views on the challenges that executives will be facing in the next three years.  Many respondents expressed concern about job security for executives who may be affected by a workforce adjustment.  APEX is working with the Treasury Board Secretariat to address these concerns. 

If you are an executive who has been or anticipates being declared surplus, you should consult the Directive on Career Transition for Executives which outlines your entitlements and roles and responsibilities in situations of a lack of work, discontinuance of a function, or the transfer of work.  The Directive details options available to executives who are declared surplus, i.e.
  1. leave the core public administration (CPA); or
  2. seek continuing employment in the CPA. 
The Directive also outlines the elements of career transition agreements that can be negotiated with the deputy head should an executive choose to leave the CPA.

The alternation process is another option that is open to executives who have been declared surplus. Alternation facilitates the retention of employees affected by career transition by placing them in an alternate position where their skill sets can be used and they can continue their careers in the public service. Simultaneously, it facilitates the departure from the core public administration of employees who might wish to leave.  Executives who have been notified that their position will become surplus and wish to remain in the core public administration are eligible for alternation.  A system has been established for those individuals who wish to leave the public service and executives who are looking for someone with whom to alternate.

Treasury Board has also developed some questions and answers which will be helpful in seeking clarification on the Directive.  Other resources that are available to you are your Human Resources Branch and your manager. 

The APEX Senior Advisor for Executives also provides free of charge, confidential advice to all executives in the Public Service of Canada on this or other types of work related situations and challenges.

APEX will continue to work collaboratively to represent and uphold the interests of its members.  We appreciate all comments and suggestions you may have on these or other priorities for Executives in the Public Service of Canada.


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