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Over the course of almost four decades of its existence, APEX has consulted with executives in order to understand current and emerging issues that are of concern to its members – the federal executives of the public service of Canada. These issues and concerns then form the basis for our representations to senior executives and advisory committees on behalf of our members.

Over the next five (5) months APEX wants to engage all Executives to hear about the challenges they face, what supports could help them in their leadership roles, career development, workplace and personal health. The information gathered will be analysed, shared with the Executive community, and guide strategic planning to shape APEX priorities for the coming years.

How you can contribute:

  1. Participate in face-to-face / teleconference meetings being scheduled across departments and agencies in collaboration with your Organizational Representatives
  2. APEX will be identifying “open mic” call in discussions this summer
  3. Respond to the APEX question of the month
  4. Send ideas to us in an email at, we will be happy to follow-up with you.

Stay tuned for future consultations.

APEX Engagement with Executives - Question of the month: