APEX Leadership Summits



In February 2013, APEX organized a Leadership Summit, the theme of which was On the Edge of a New Beginning.  Some 60 leaders, from Deputy Ministers to EX1s, managers and young professionals were invited to answer the four following questions:

  1. What role is emerging for the federal government?
  2. What enabling changes are needed in the federal public service?
  3. What competencies, skills and mind-sets are required in the federal public service?
  4. What other critical questions are emerging for you?

APEX organized a second Leadership Summit in February 2014 to address systemic barriers to change.  The theme Paving the Way for Tomorrow's Public Service:  Turning Vision into Reality  was designed to elicit concrete suggestions for actions linked to the priority areas identified in the Blueprint 2020 Summary Interim Progress Report and to demonstrate how a networked leadership approach can be used to tackle complex and challenging issues. Summit participants were challenged to move beyond conceptualization to implementation. They were asked to start developing the building blocks needed to create a Public Service that is positioned to face any current and future challenges.  Their insights and recommendations, along with those of the February 2013 Leadership Summit were captured in a report to the Clerk of the Privy Council.



In February 2013, APEX provided an opportunity for executives to come together for a day at its Leadership Summit, 'The Edge of a New Beginning'.  Participants benefitted from presentations by leaders in the field of public sector governance and management including:

  • the Mckinsey Centre for Government (Government Designed for New Times);
  • Towers Watson (Global Talent 2021 and the Canadian Perspective); and
  • the Institute for Research on Public Policy (New Directions for the Federal Public Service).

Round table discussions focused on identifying the competencies needed to lead in the new reality.  The objective was to push beyond traditional thinking, and identify the new mindsets required to successfully reshape the institution to meet the evolving needs of the next generation of Canadians.

APEX is uniquely positioned to organize these kinds of strategic conversations.  Creating a safe space to come together and share experiences supports the objective of creating an engaged network of leaders from across the Public Service.

The Summit was extremely timely, in that APEX identified some of the very issues and questions that will be explored through the government's recently announced Blueprint 2020 exercise.  The insights gleaned from the Leadership Summit will support and feed the broader consultations APEX will conduct on both Blueprint 2020 and the review of the proposed new Key Leadership Competencies developed by the Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer.