The APEX 2012 Executive Work and Health survey Results


October 30th, 2013

The results of the APEX 2012 Executive Work and Health study provide a comprehensive overview of both individual and organizational health across the federal Public Service executive cadre.  A range of critical contributing factors - both positive and negative - to health and well-being were identified. This important research provides baseline intelligence for organizations to use in assessing which factors are key for them to address in their own health and wellness action plans and programs.

In this webinar, Dr Wayne Corneil takes us through the 2012 survey findings and indicates with great optimism that health improvements are within our collective grasp if we take informed, direct action. More than ever, there is increased awareness and substantial resources with the appropriate expertise to assist federal departments and agencies to be successful implementing activities related to health and wellness. APEX is positioned to not only provide access to the data from its longitudinal health studies but also to recommend qualified resources to help departments address their unique profile and requirements.  Individual executives and departments can access these resources by directly contacting APEX.