Confidentiality - What to Expect

Confidentiality and the Advisory Service for Executives
What you can expect

APEX’s Advisory Service for Executives (ASE) is available to you free of charge as an executive of the Public Service of Canada. You do not have to be a member of APEX to access the services of the Senior Advisor.

Nature and scope of the services

The Senior Advisor provides a discreet and confidential sounding board, a safe place to discuss sensitive issues and a single window for advice and referral to specialized services available to the executive community both inside and outside the federal Public Service. The ASE does not provide on-going mentoring or coaching, interview simulations and preparation, nor can it dispense legal advice or represent you in disputes with management.

Collection, usage and disclosure of personal information

In order to deliver the Advisory Service, the Senior Advisor will record certain information that will be stored in a secure database (e.g. your official language of choice, group and level, home organisation and region.) The Senior Advisor will store information on the issue(s) that you raise under a limited number of broad subject headers such as career management, harassment, dismissal or official languages. This information will be kept indefinitely in order to allow APEX to produce various reports on the ASE and to identify long term trends.

The Senior Advisor also keeps a temporary written record of conversations with you in order to remember the particulars of your situation, the gist of the discussions, the sequence of events and the actions taken. This record is destroyed six months after the end of the fiscal year or, at any time upon your request.

None of the above information is disclosed to anyone without your specific approval. If randomly selected, the Senior Advisor may send you a questionnaire to gather feedback on the ASE and your suggestions for improvement. Aggregate data on the level of client satisfaction is produced and included in various reports on the ASE.


APEX will treat all the information you provide in the strictest confidence. However, absolute confidentiality cannot be guaranteed because there may be circumstances where the law could require APEX to disclose information to a third party. For example, in a criminal or court case, the Senior Advisor could be subpoenaed as a witness. Should this occur, you will immediately be informed.

Also, in keeping with common professional standards, confidentiality cannot be respected in situations where there is a significant risk of harm to yourself or others.

Review of your file

You may of course review your file at any time. To do so, you should contact the Senior Advisor at 613.992.5592.