APEX Series of Events

  • ConnEXions
    These experiential learning events provide for informal discussions with senior executives on subjects that matter to the community, e.g. major government initiatives, leadership competencies, the work of Agents of Parliament, etc. Our aim is for executives to have an opportunity to participate in a conversation with senior executives sharing their practical experience. These sessions are normally held over lunch time.

  • EXecutive Toolbox
    These events provide learning opportunities on a variety of practical topics impacting executives’ day-to-day job, e.g. management of financial and human resources, career management, etc. Our aim is to help executives enhance their abilities and skills in practical ways.

  • EXplorations
    These site visits provide opportunities to visit locations where executives can see first-hand the work involved in complex projects or operations as well as the partnerships and collaborations they require. The visit is normally preceded by a background briefing, usually led by a senior executive, and includes questions and answers.

  • EXpressions
    These consultations with executives are focused on current and emerging issues that are of concern to them. These informal discussions provide valuable input, along with research, formal consultation, and analysis for representations to senior executives and advisory committees on behalf of APEX members.

Unless otherwise specified, APEX events are:

  • free of charge
  • open to all Executives; should there be more registrations than APEX can accommodate, priority will be given to APEX members
  • held at 75 Albert Street, suite 400, Ottawa, Ontario
  • available via webinar

APEX welcomes suggestions on potential speakers and topics for future events.  Share your thoughts with Francine Burdick, Visiting Executive, at 613-943-8916 or at

Questions on logistical details can be addressed to Alexandre Sincennes, IT Manager, Events Registration Coordinator and Webmaster, at 613-995-4075 or at