- Symposium 2009 -

“Leading with Courage”

June 9 and 10, 2009 - National Arts Centre
Ottawa, Ontario


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The APEX Symposium was a highly successful 2009. Over 700 senior executives participated in two days of thoughtful and engaging discussion with their colleagues, and my sense was that the conversations, both formal and informal, were stimulating and rewarding.

On the eve of the Symposium, APEX honoured several individuals and a team of public servants for their significant contribution to the public service and to the collective well-being of Canadians.  This is the yearly opportunity for APEX to shine a light on a small slice of the tremendous work carried out by public servants on a daily basis.  The honorees and their families had a memorable evening.

As to the Symposium itself, under the co-Chairmanship of Cassie Doyle, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources Canada and Francois Guimont, Deputy Minister of Public Works and Government Services Canada, the theme of "Leading With Courage" was explored from a variety of perspectives.   With humour, candour, and personal anecdote, speakers offered their personal and professional views on the relevance and application of the theme to our daily lives.

Several Deputy Heads, including the co-Chairs, participated in panels which were noteworthy for their robust exchanges, and willingness to share personal experiences from their most senior perspective.  Speakers from outside the public service, including David Mitchell and Allan Gregg, offered philosophical comment and observation, while still others, such as Chantal Petitclerc and General Rick Hillier, cited examples of personal and professional courage which most of us will not meet in our day to day lives, but which can serve as inspiration to us all.

Marie-Lucie Morin and Michelle d'Auray provided the framework within which the public service is currently working, and this context was the backdrop to many of the discussions.

We would like to thank those of you who had the opportunity to attend the Symposium for your attention and participation.

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