APEX Awards of Excellence 2019

Each year, APEX highlights management excellence and leadership of federal public service executives. The Association’s awards are presented to the people who have made uniquely important contributions.


Bruce Hirst, Deputy Chief, Corporate Services, Chief Financial Officer, Communications Security Establishment.

For outstanding dedication to serving Canada and Canadians throughout a stellar 52-year public service career. From early days in the Canadian Navy to serving at the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, Natural Resources Canada, Foreign Affairs and several other departments, to the pivotal role Mr. Hirst played in the coming to life of the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security, his contributions to the Federal Public Service and to Canadians were continuously impressive.


Paul Bailey, Warden, Grand Cache Institution, Correctional Service Canada.

For his exceptional leadership in creating a healthy and respectful workplace that is free of discrimination and harassment, and for creating a culture of inclusion and support. His tireless and personable efforts to build awareness of mental health issues and championing a constructive dialogue are the signs of a strong personal leadership and a deep commitment to public service values.


Hala Ibrahim, Director, Business Intelligence, Research and Analytics, Collections and Verifications Branch, Canada Revenue Agency.

For her innovative approach to applying business intelligence and advanced analytics to tax compliance issues. Ms. Ibrahim’s ability to translate her vision into concrete steps resulted in a significantly increased efficacy of the Canada Revenue Agency’s compliance operations for the benefit of all Canadians. Her engaging, collaborative leadership and penchant for innovation through co-creation with others were extraordinary.


Jacqueline Bogden, Assistant Deputy Minister, Cannabis Legalization and Regulation Branch, Health Canada.

For outstanding leadership in bringing about the cannabis legislation and for her unwavering commitment and respect of diverse views. Leading teams and working with thousands of stakeholders and partners, Ms. Bogden has shown exemplary team leadership throughout this challenging initiative. The key hallmarks of this leadership were Jacqueline’s compassionate, helpful and optimistic attitude as she led and helped her teams to navigate the complex landscape of conflicting interests. Jacqueline has stayed on point and true to her vision, while bringing this huge collective endeavour into the new legislation.


Samantha McDonald, Director, Operations, Results and Delivery, Privy Council Office.

For masterfully bringing together government and non-governmental organizations and communities, and for walking the talk on a progressive and inclusive agenda. Samantha’s caring and respectful building of safe spaces and trusting relationships, where none existed before, was both impactful and inspiring. Her amazing relationship building led to a historic apology to the LGBTQ2 community and a class-action settlement.


The Right Honourable Joseph Clark, P.C., C.C., A.O.E., Former Prime Minister of Canada.

For his formidable contributions to Canadians and to public policy, and for promoting democracy, innovation and practical reforms. His academic and public engagement has immensely enriched policy and governance discourse at home and abroad.