APEX Executive Opportunities



Established in 1984, the Association of Professional Executives of the Public Service of Canada (APEX) is the national association for federal public service executives. We focus on supporting the success of executives and their community and being the voice of that community.

APEX is an independent, not-for-profit organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors of federal executives. Approximately 3,000 federal public service executives from across the country are members of the Association, but many services are available to the more than 7,200 executives employed in the federal public service and those who are retired.

Led by the Chief Executive Officer, the Association is composed of 2 other senior Executives (Chief of Operations and the Senior Advisor for Executives), APEX Executives (AEs) from the public service via Interchange Canada and permanent staff. APEX Executives are drawn from their home organizations with the agreement of their Deputy Heads to cover their full salary, performance pay, and benefits for the entire duration of their assignment at APEX.

APEX offers a well-appointed, positive and respectful work environment at 75 Albert Street, in downtown Ottawa. APEX is a national organization and Executives from across the country are invited to apply.

APEX is looking for Executives at all levels currently employed in the Federal Public Service and eligible for an Interchange Agreement to fill the following role:


1. APEX Executive – Research – Executive Policies

The ideal candidate should have significant experience and background in Human Resources, Advocacy and Research. The candidate should be strategic and prepared to lead work to support the federal public service executive community with respect to all people-related subjects, including executive policy, applicable legislation and terms and conditions of employment. This role involves consulting with APEX members and the Executive community more widely, working with the Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer and departmental Heads of Executive Group Services to develop advice to the Board of Directors for improvements to the terms and conditions of employment for the executive community, as well as for their professional development.

More specifically, this position would:

  • Contribute to the multi-year Research Planning
  • Conduct evidence-based research and develop positions related to matters of interest and impact to executives (including executive compensation)
  • Respond to enquiries and requests for information from current and former executives on topics related to the executive terms and conditions of employment
  • Support executives following TBS-OCHRO’s launch of the Executive Policy Suite Re-set, including seeking opportunities to collaborate with TBS-OCHRO, Organizational Representatives and the Heads of Executive Group Services
  • Provide information and support to current and former executives, including compensation issues (e.g., retroactive payments; rates of pay, damages caused by the Phoenix Pay System) and in navigating the TBS-OCHRO implementation of policy changes impacting terms and conditions of employment
  • Develop and maintain policy papers and various Guides for executives
  • Conduct ongoing research and collaborate with TBS-OCHRO on joint activities of interest and benefit to the executive community
  • Fully participates in APEX initiatives, as required.
  • Analyze and review the application of the policy and legislative provisions applicable to federal public service executives

All APEX Executives are expected to possess and employ:

  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Solid writing skills
  • Comfort with collaboration across organizations and levels
  • Sound judgment
  • An ability to work alone but comfortable working as part of a team
  • Flexibility and adaptability to changing circumstances
  • Ability to perform all work related to their projects
  • Fluency in English and French

How to Apply:

Please submit a short letter to the Chief Operating Officer at ilonar@apex.gc.ca

In your letter, please provide the following information:

  • your reason for interest in the position and working with APEX;
  • how you demonstrate the above skills and meet the requirements to perform the specific functions;
  • an indication that your home department would be willing to support your Interchange agreement.

In your application, please add the following:

  • copy of your resumé;
  • confirmation of your performance ratings for the past 2 years.