Corporate Commitment for 2017-18

As announced by the Clerk of the Privy Council, each executive is required to develop individual commitments and performance measures specific to their role and responsibilities in their 2017-2018 performance agreement in support of the following government-wide corporate priorities:

  • Promoting a Healthy Workplace
    Senior leaders are asked to demonstrate their commitment to building and sustaining a healthy workplace in support of the Federal Public Service Workplace Mental Health Strategy. They are expected to demonstrate leadership in addressing the organization-specific objectives outlined in the strategy and in engaging all employees in the promotion of healthy workplace practices.
  • Building a Diverse Public Service
    Senior leaders are asked to identify recruitment and development activities to increase the social and cultural diversity of our workforce, in order to better reflect the population we serve and improve decision making. This includes defining diversity goals with respect to the needs of their own organization, implementing the appropriate recruitment and development activities and measuring progress.

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