The Top Ten Things Executives Need to Know Before Retiring – October 21, 2020


Federal RetireesIn collaboration with the National Association of Federal Retirees (Federal Retirees), the Association of Professional Executives of the Public Service of Canada (APEX) is proud to offer this event.


Cost: FREE (costs covered by APEX & Federal Retirees)


  • in English on October 21, 2020 – 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm EDT (90 minutes)
  • in French on October 21, 2020 – 10:00 am – 11:30 am EDT (90 minutes)

Audience: Executives of the Public Service (EX-01 to EX-05 or equivalent) across Canada and internationally.

Where: Virtually – Participants are welcome to attend our virtual event via webinar and/or teleconference. A meeting link will be sent once you are registered.

What: A detailed look at the most important things executives need to know before retiring, explained by the resident pension specialist at Federal Retirees. Federal Retirees is a 176,000 strong not-for-profit, voluntary membership-based organization that has been advocating to protect federal pensions and retiree benefits since 1963. Get the answers to the most common questions we receive from federal public servants who have just retired, or who are just about to retire. More details about this event!



Opening Remarks:

    • Jacqueline Rigg, Chief Executive Officer, APEX
    • Simon Coakeley, Chief Executive Officer, Federal Retirees


    • Maria Pagliarello, Senior Executive, APEX
    • Jeff Wolfson, Manager, Recrutiment and Member Services, Federal Retirees


    • Donna Hansen, Director of Human Resources, Federal Retirees
    • Patrick Imbeau, Advocacy and Policy Officer, Federal Retirees



About this Event:

Retiring from the federal public service can be complicated, as there are many things to consider. Some people give no thought to their retirement plan until the last minute, which can be quite disadvantageous. Depending on what you do in retirement, it can also have a serious impact on you financially. Instead of scrambling at the end of your career to get your retirement affairs in order, start planning early! Our research shows that people who start planning for their retirement early experience a much smoother transition. While everyone’s retirement is slightly different, there are some things that every federal employee should know sooner rather than later.

This presentation was constructed specifically for executives like you, based on the most common questions we receive from people who have just retired, or who are just about to retire. Learn things you might not know about your pension, and why it’s important for you to know them. Understanding the fine print about your pension can have significant tangible benefits for you, so do not wait to find out about these important things until it’s too late.

You won’t find this compilation of must-know points concerning your retirement anywhere else. This webinar will give you the tools you need to make your retirement seamless and stress free. By taking this pre-retirement seminar, you’ll benefit from the clear explanations and guidance of Patrick Imbeau, the pension specialist at Federal Retirees. You’ll also see statistics which demonstrate how giving a little bit of thought to your retirement early can have a big effect in the long run. Take advantage of this unique opportunity that can greatly benefit your future.


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