Special video message from Jacqueline Rigg

Special video message from Jacqueline Rigg, APEX CEO, on Black History Month

Black History Month celebrates, by its nature, a history of firsts. While it is important and necessary to celebrate our Firsts, it is just as important to recognize that Blacks have been making continuous contributions to the community and society at large for centuries. And it is important to remember that we are still living and making history today! It was just over a year ago that Canada appointed its first Black deputy minister in the federal government. And it was only this year that we saw the first Black vice-president of the United States. As leaders, we should be asking ourselves: “What can we do to eliminate barriers to inclusion as quickly as possible?” And that is important because, as leaders in the public service, we have the unique opportunity to influence change. Each of these steps that we take, each of the ‘micro-positives’ that we put into the system, will help build a better future. A future of firsts that can be converted to a time of true inclusion. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go and build that future together! And by building it, we will all make history.