About APEX

APEX, the national association for federal public service executives, fosters excellence in leadership and is a strong advocate on behalf of executive interests. Created in 1984,  the Association focuses on issues such as compensation, the work environment and public service management reform.

APEX is an independent, not-for-profit organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors of federal executives, including regional representatives.  The Board is supported by a permanent Secretariat led by a Chief Executive Officer.

Since its creation, APEX has worked hard to establish itself as a credible voice for executives and a valuable resource for the Public Service.  By sticking to its principles and maintaining its focus, the Association has achieved a higher and more positive profile across the Public Service.

Achieving sustained success will be linked to APEX's strengthened ability to monitor trends and issues and to react appropriately and in a timely way, and continue to "walk the talk" by demonstrating public service values and ethics in all that it says and does.