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Each year, APEX highlights management excellence and leadership of federal public service executives. The Association’s awards are presented to the people who have made uniquely important contributions. The recognition of excellence by our peers contributes to a greater sense of community among the executive cadre. These Awards not only recognize the individual achievement of the finalists, but also shine a light on public service excellence more broadly, by highlighting the programs and initiatives that represent the talent, creativity, and commitment of the executive cadre. The APEX Awards of Excellence are open to all executives currently employed in the public service, regardless of their membership status with APEX.

APEX is seeking nominations for the following awards:

– Leadership

– Innovation

– Partnership

– Community Contribution

– Career Contribution

– Healthy Workplace

List of Awards and nomination criteria

Once nominations close, APEX will strike a selection committee and undertake the task of confirming the Award winners for each category. Each nominee will be advised in spring 2024 prior to the official announcements at the APEX Leadership Summit.

2023/2024 Deadlines

The nomination process will be launched each year at the beginning of November. The deadline for the 2024 Awards of Excellence will be February 9, 2024.

For more information, please consult the list of awards and nomination criteria.

2023 Nomination Process

A few things to note as you prepare to nominate someone:

Who can be nominated?

  • The person you wish to nominate must be a current executive member of the executive cadre.
  • They do not have to be an APEX member. All executives can be nominated.
  • Individuals acting as interim executives for at least 6 months can be put forward as a candidate.
  • Small teams of executives (2-3 individuals maximum) can be put forward together for an award if the their collaborative work is the reason for their candidacy.
  • Retired executives are eligible if they are part of the executive cadre before the closing of the nomination process.
  • Deputy Heads are not eligible.

For more information regarding eligibility of nominees, please contact

Information required:

The APEX Selection Review Committee is requesting information about the candidate beyond career history or resumes.  You must provide information that supports accomplishments in the specific award category.  For example, a letter of support from staff or colleagues can help demonstrate leadership.

For a complete nomination, you will need:

  1. Information about the executive(s) you are nominating
  2.  One nominator
    • Who: This person is an executive or interim executive in the Federal Public Service who endorses and puts the name of the candidate forward. They do not need to be an APEX member.
    • To do: They will need to submit a narrative about how the candidate meets the selection criteria for the award category chosen (1-2 pages)
  3. Three supporters
    • Who: They can be anyone from any level in the Federal Public Service who can attest to the candidate’s exceptional achievements. In some instances, they could also be external to the public service or retired.
    • To do: They will need to submit a letter of support each (1-2 pages)

Most departments go through their award coordinators to submit an application. To help with the process, feel free to download a word version of the nomination form to gather information. Please note that only submissions sent via the online portal will be evaluated.

Information about Award Winners:

Once the selection process is completed, APEX will  advise award winners of the committee’s decision. All nominators will be informed of the results. As well, APEX will advise all nominees and their deputy head that their names had been put forward as candidates.

Recipients will receive their award at the APEX Leadership Summit taking place on May 14-15, 2024.

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