The Role of APEX Organizational Ambassadors


APEX is a professional association, led by executives for executives. In order to deliver value to the executive community nationally and internationally, APEX relies on its ambassadors. Drawing on experience, diversity and leadership, APEX Organizational Ambassadors play a vital role in supporting and advancing APEX’s Mission and Vision in four key areas of responsibilities:

1.) Raise awareness of, and confidence in APEX, both nationally and internationally;

2.) Foster an inclusive network of executive leaders and support knowledge sharing;

3.) Support APEX in remaining relevant and connected to the interests and emerging needs of Executives in their organization; and

4.) Help build a strong executive community that is respectful, healthy, representative and inclusive.


1. Raise awareness of, and confidence in APEX, nationally and internationally

    • Growing APEX membership in your organization by raising awareness of APEX services and encouraging executives to take advantage of the benefits offered through their membership;
    • Representing APEX by enhancing its presence in your executive community, as well as awareness of its services and initiatives;
    • Engaging with your organization’s executive resourcing professionals to form a partnership that advances the interests of executives within your organization and at APEX;
    • Liaising with your organization’s senior management team on a regular basis to update them on APEX initiatives and garner support;
    • Updating your organization’s Executive Management Committee at least twice yearly to share information on APEX activities, and how their executives can benefit from them;
    • Reaching out to newly appointed executives in your organization to encourage them to take advantage of the services and events offered by APEX to facilitate their integration into the executive cadre;
    • Identifying executives who would be good candidates for an active role within APEX; and
    • Sharing and amplifying APEX communications and messaging, including newsletter, twitter, LinkedIn and web messages and resources for executives

2.) Foster an inclusive network of executive leaders and support knowledge sharing

      • Actively participating in the APEX Annual General Meeting and APEX Ambassadors’ quarterly meetings to stay apprised on the latest information and initiatives impacting executives, and provide insights on emerging issues relevant to executives;
      • Promoting APEX events and resources within your organization and encouraging participation;
      • Supporting and participating in APEX events such as our learning events, the Recognition of Entry to the Executive Ranks Ceremony, as well as the Leadership Symposium;
      • Providing feedback and recommendations to enhance APEX events, research programs, partnerships and services;
      • Raising awareness of APEX research, surveys, promotions and information to the executives of your organization; and
      • Holding bilateral discussions periodically with your Head of Human Resources and the executive resourcing professionals to advance executives’ interests and strengthening the relationship between the two organizations.

3.) Support APEX in remaining relevant and connected to the interests and emerging needs of Executives in your organization

    • Maintaining two-way communications between executives in your organization and APEX on topics related to total compensation, leadership as well as health & wellness;
    • Assisting APEX’s research initiatives by creating consultation opportunities with executives in your organization;
    • Recommending potential guest speakers as well as partners/sponsors to support and enhance APEX services to executives; and
    • Identifying and proposing opportunities for APEX to meaningfully engage with executives across your organization.

4.) Help build a respectful, healthy, representative and inclusive executive community

    • Promoting the annual APEX Awards of Excellence and identify deserving executives;
    • Assisting with onboarding of new executives in your organization;
    • Generating ideas of outreach, learning and networking opportunities to APEX; and
    • Acting as a source of information for executives needs.

Why Become an APEX
Organizational Ambassador?

Because APEX needs you! In return you will:

    • Gain experience that will enrich your resume
    • Broaden your leadership skills
    • Optimize your personal brand as an executive, both inside and outside of your organization
    • Expand your network
    • Be a force for positive change to your community
    • Access trusted information from an independent source
    • Support initiatives that resonate to you
    • Gain not-for-profit experience
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