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CEO Statement: Response to Announcement on Prescribed Workplace Presence


CEO Statement:

‘Response to Announcement on Prescribed Workplace Presence’

(May 2, 2024)

At APEX, one of our primary mandates is to advocate on behalf of executives. And we plan on doing exactly that.

Regarding the recent announcement on changes to our in-office presence, which includes a prescribed four days in-office for executives, APEX has seen and received many comments from the executive community. Overall, there have been two dominating views. Some executives are disappointed and feel disrespected. Some have characterized the four-day presence as unjust toward executives, or as another barrier potentially deterring some from pursuing executive roles and posing challenges in attracting top talent to our ranks. On the other hand, there are others who believe, that as leaders, it is their role to take on this challenge, manage the transition and continue in their pursuit of leadership excellence.

At APEX, we recognize and support both points of view. As executives, it is our duty to rise to challenges and lead by example. We became executives driven by a sense of purpose and service to Canada and Canadians. And because of that, we will manage the transition, we will adapt to new realities, and we will emerge stronger.

At the same time, we must acknowledge that there are missed opportunities in recognizing the vital contributions of executives to public service.  The erosion of recognition through inadequate means to set compensation, delayed adjustments and policy changes has created a misalignment between the value executives provide and the recognition they receive. APEX has consistently advocated for proper recognition commensurate with the responsibilities shouldered by executives, and we reiterate this call today.

As with all others, our executive leaders are prepared to meet this challenge head-on and support the public service transition to the new in-office direction.  As we explore new ways to support our community, I encourage you to take advantage of the APEX advisory services already in place. Whether you seek guidance, support, or simply a listening ear, our dedicated team is here to assist you every step of the way. Your well-being and success remain our top priorities and rest assured; APEX will continue to tirelessly advocate on your behalf.

I encourage and invite you to please write to us and share your thoughts and reactions. Your feedback will inform our work with central agencies in shaping strategies and tools to facilitate a smooth transition into this new environment.

Your CEO and APEX Team

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