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What is the Advisory Services for Executives?

Hosted by APEX, and free of charge to all Executives across the federal public service, this service provides:

1. A discreet and confidential sounding board;
2. A safe place to discuss sensitive issues;
3. A one-stop shop for advice and referral to specialized services available to the Executive community.

Why should I contact the Advisory Services for Executives?

• To get advice regarding your career advancement;
• To discuss sensitive relationship issues with one of your employees, a colleague or your boss;
• To better understand your terms and conditions as well as your rights and obligations;
• To seek advice if part of an internal or external investigation;
• To discuss any other issues you are facing in your role as an Executive of the federal public service.

Before contacting the Advisory Services for Executives:

Over the past few years, we have accumulated a significant understanding of the main areas of concerns of the executive community.  To better serve the community, we have developed a series of resources and tools on a variety of topics including talent management, leave entitlements, performance management, terms and conditions of employment, relocation and retirement

You can access the service by contacting Nicole Boilard by email at nicoleb@apex.gc.ca.

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