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APEX membership has many privileges. We offer you high quality professional development opportunities, access to exclusive tools and resources, and confidential advisory services to proactively support your career. We also advocate on your behalf with central agencies and Deputy Heads to shape policies that determine your working conditions.

Federal Public Service executives that are eligible for membership have access to two levels of APEX membership, Regular and Associate membership. Regular members are active executives, while Associate members are retired executives interested in ongoing participation in the community.

An annual $95 membership fee, allows APEX to work with you to strengthen the power of the executive community, coast to coast to coast.

INDIVIDUALS & LEADERS IN PUBLIC SERVICE Membership at APEX is investing in your excellence. We support you as an individual, as a community and we are your voice. We are building our research capacity, leveraging partnerships, developing centres of excellence in Health and Wellness, Leadership and Total Compensation. We are actively working to enrich your experience as an executive.

Why Join ApexExplore ways APEX can support you.

Advocacy that is supported with Action

As the active voice for 7300+ public sector executives, we complete research,collaborate and participate in policy interventions

Acquire best practices, tools and resources

Acting as a research hub, we work with private,public and academic organizations to gather current information that empowers executives to be successful in their day to day activities

Access unlimited Confidential Advisory Services

We provide a safe space for executives to get individual support

Grow your network among the executive cadre

We are a catalyst that creates connected ex communities across departments coast to coast to coast

Attend exclusive events and receive preferred rates

Thousands of executives attend our learning seminars, programs and events every year

Participate in programs from Affinity Partners

We have built partnerships and alliances within the private sector and negotiated exclusive offers for members in several areas including recreational services, health care, and home and vehicle insurance


Benefits, Privileges, Fees

Regular Members
Annual Membership Fee: $95
Associate Members (Retired Executives)
Annual Membership Fee: $95
Voting Rights - -
Customized Terms & Conditions Provisions (New Executives) versus Non-Executives - -
Comprehensive Summary Guides Selected
Fact Sheets Selected
White Papers Selected
Webinars If capacity allows
Affinity Program Partners
Executive Knowledge Series
  • Leadership Learning
- If capacity allows
Learning Seminars
  • Public Policy Series
  • Wellness Series
  • Inclusion Series
If capacity allows
Signature Symposium/ Summit Discounted Rates Discounted Rates Full Rate
Awards of Excellence (Require nomination and/or support by an APEX member)
Confidential Advisory Services (Unlimited time) (Unlimited time) (Limited time)

INDIVIDUALS & LEADERS IN PUBLIC SERVICE “I have truly cherished being a member of APEX for the years during which I was an executive. I have participated in many of the learning events, the symposium and used the coaching services on a few occasions. The support from APEX has been priceless for me.”

APEX member

ELIGIBILITYMembership Eligibility

APEX Regular Membership is open to the groups and levels outlined below. Former Executives are also eligible as Associate Members.

If you are an Indeterminate Executive of the Public Service of Canada, you are also eligible to join APEX as a Regular Member.

  • Executive Group, EX-01 to EX-05
  • Deputy Minister, DM 01 to DM-03
  • Canada Energy Regulator, NEB 13-14-15
  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Grade 13-16
  • Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, MGT and RLE 01-04
  • Defence Scientific Services, DS 7A, 7B and 8
  • Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada, FT-05 to FT-08
  • Governor in Council, GCQ, GC, GX appointments in full-time management positions
  • House of Commons, HCX-1 to HCX-5
  • Indian Oil and Gas, AB 9-14
  • Justice Canada, LC-01 to LC-04
  • Library of Parliament, LEX-01 to LEX-05
  • Medical Officer, MD-MOF 4 and 5
  • Medical Specialist, MD-MSP 3
  • National Capital Commission, RE/RÉ 8-11
  • National Research Council, MG 01-05
  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Canada, GR-EX-01 to GR-EX-05
  • Parks Canada, PCX 01-05
  • Office of the Auditor General, DX, AGS-07, PX, ASG-08, AAG, CE, DAG
  • Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions, REX-07 to REX-11
  • Senate, SEG
  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, GR-EX-01 to GR-EX-05

INDIVIDUALS & LEADERS IN THE PUBLIC SERVICE “Executives also need a voice to express their collective needs and concerns, and APEX offers that.
I think it is especially important to create safe spaces for executives to have conversations about the issues that matter to them, and APEX provides that space.”

DARYELL NOWLAN APEX Member & Board Chair

Affinity Programs

APEX has negotiated special offers for APEX members with sponsors in areas including recreational services, health care, and home and vehicle insurance. It remains the responsibility of the member, as an informed consumer, to check prices with the partner and competitors.

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Thank you to our executive community for the steadfast support that empowers us to succeed.

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