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Overview :

Since 1984, The Association of Professional Executives of the Public Service of Canada (APEX) has supported executives through management excellence, professional development and networking, providing services and sharing knowledge. We are a professional Association with a profound sense of community and purpose. At the core of our success is a commitment to leadership and research.

Our Vision is to support an executive community with elevated wellness, elite leaders and extraordinary impacts through partnerships. Our strategic pillars are:

Advocacy: Supporting Individual executives and acting as their voice

National Engagement: Relationship building that improves presence, visibility, and awareness coast to coast to coast

Service Excellence: Provide the highest quality programming to clients

Business Sustainability: Building resource capacity that endures

APEX is making a difference in the careers and lives of the executive community.  We are influencing the executive landscape through thought leadership and evidenced based research; from policy interventions to executive well being.  We work with partners (private and public), academia, and subject matter experts to create value add for the community.  We embrace inclusion and are continuing to build and strengthen the leadership team at APEX.  With that in mind, we are selectively seeking leaders that have passion and want to work in an innovative and dynamic environment.  Working with APEX you will be making significant contributions that support your peers, working with them to achieve leadership excellence, to benefit Canadians.


APEX Executives Opportunities

All levels of executives (or executive equivalent) are eligible. APEX Executives are drawn from their home organizations, generally with the agreement of their Deputy Heads to cover their full salary, performance pay, and benefits for the entire duration of their assignment at APEX. Ideally, the duration of the interchange would be two years and would feature prominently in the candidate’s talent management plan.

We are currently seeking a qualified executive, employed in the Federal Public Service and eligible for an Interchange Agreement, to fill the role of

1. APEX Executive – Advisor to Executives

The ideal candidate has a strong background in Human Resources and has a very solid understanding of executive terms and conditions of employment and professional development. Experience in complaints and investigations is a strong asset.  Supporting the Head of Advisory Services to Executives, this role provides confidential advice to public service executives across the country and abroad; supports APEX outreach relating to Executive Health and Wellbeing as it relates to Executive Advisory Services; and, refers executives to specialized services, as required.

More specifically, this position would:


  • Provide ongoing support and advice in both official languages (an essential criterion), to a growing clientele base, in Canada and abroad, using a risk-assessment model
  • Be able to handle a large and varied volume of cases
  • Conduct outreach to membership and the federal public service executive community to provide feedback, resources for self care and to promote the Advisory Service for Executives service
  • Develop and share tools and materials to support executive wellbeing
  • Demonstrate personal resilience in hearing complex and difficult stories
  • Be compassionate, yet realistic, in providing advice
  • Have the utmost discretion


2. Future Vacancies

As a small organization, all APEX Executives work together and contribute their effort, ideas, energy collectively to support the PS executive community.  This includes:

  • Lead and contribute to the vision, mission and strategic objectives of APEX
  • Ensure a broad and deep knowledge of the executive community and propose areas, approaches and research for EX Advocacy
  • Collaborate with key internal and external stakeholders around research, programming and resources


APEX Executives are expected to demonstrate strong Key Leadership Competencies:

  • Create vision and strategy
  • Mobilize people
  • Uphold Integrity and Respect
  • Collaborate with partners and stakeholders
  • Promote Innovation and Guide Change
  • Achieve Results

APEX Executives must also demonstrate the following skills and abilities:

  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Solid writing skills
  • Comfort with collaboration across organizations and levels
  • Sound judgement
  • An ability to work alone but comfortable working as part of a team
  • Flexibility and adaptability to changing circumstances
  • Ability to perform all work related to their projects
  • Fluency in English and French

How to Apply:

Please submit a short letter to the Chief Operating Officer at

In your letter, please provide the following information:

  • your reason for interest in the position and working with APEX;
  • how you demonstrate the necessary skills and meet the requirements to perform the specific functions;
  • an indication that your home department would be willing to support your Interchange agreement.

In your application, please add the following:

  • copy of your resumé;
  • confirmation of your performance ratings for the past 2 years.

Inquiries are welcome, please contact the Chief Operating Officer at

Position(s) at APEX


The organization

The Association of Professional Executives of the Public Service of Canada (APEX), the national association for federal public service executives, fosters excellence in leadership and is a strong advocate on behalf of executive interests. As part of its mandate, the Association organizes activities to develop a strong community of practice, promotes the physical and mental health of executives, and supports executive leadership excellence through a variety of events including the Leadership Symposium, the Induction Ceremony for new executives and the yearly APEX Awards of Excellence.

APEX is an independent, not-for-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors of federal executives, including regional representatives.  The Board is supported by a permanent Secretariat led by a Chief Executive Officer.

APEX was established in 1984 as the voice of executives across the federal public service.   Achieving sustained success is linked to APEX’s strengthened ability to monitor trends and issues and to react appropriately and in a timely way, and continue to “walk the talk” by demonstrating public service values and ethics in all that it says and does.  The Association works closely with its membership though regular surveys, networking and training events, ensuring that it addresses the main areas of interest to the entire executive community.

APEX works in close collaboration with the highest levels of the federal public service through meetings with the Clerk of the Privy Council, the Deputy Minister community and the central agencies.  The Association also plays a key role in representing executives’ term and conditions of work interests.

The deadline to submit applications for the APEX Board of Directors has passed.