About APEX

Welcome to the Association of Professional Executives of the Public Service of Canada (APEX), an independent not-for-profit corporation that proudly represents the interests of all federal public service executives from coast to coast to coast.

Established in 1984, APEX is governed by a board of directors made up of fifteen executives representing the National Capital Region and every other region of Canada.

The wide range of APEX activities and initiatives is designed to provide executives with opportunities to develop a strong community of practice, promote their physical and mental well-being, and support excellence in leadership.

The organization has built a strong reputation over the years through the APEX Symposium, which brings in internationally renowned speakers from the private and public sectors and academia, and is attended by hundreds of executives every year. APEX is known for the quality of its Advisory Service for Executives, which provides confidential advice and referral services to public service executives across Canada.

It is also known for the Executive Work and Health Survey it conducts every five years, and for its presentations, group discussions and other initiatives. It is an important driver of improvements in the work environment to achieve better individual and organizational health, and is recognized as a significant contributor to all aspects of research into workplace well-being, particularly as it affects executives.

The Association was established by public service executives to provide services and organize activities for their own community. It continues to strive constantly to enable executives to benefit from the advantages of membership and the services it offers, both in the National Capital Region and across Canada. APEX also offers videoconferencing activities to reach out to executives directly in their own offices.

The high proportion of executives who belong to APEX is evidence of the trust you place in your association. APEX wants to make contacting your association the first resource that comes to mind to meet your professional needs, and to enhance your personal growth and leadership skills. The association invites executives to become members of the community and enjoy its many benefits. Welcome to APEX, your association!

Mission and Vision

APEX mission:

We will be a vibrant national organization that inspires executive excellence in leadership through strategic advocacy, research, professional development and advisory services.

We will be the preeminent voice for the executive community of the Public Service of Canada.  

APEX vision:

An executive community with elevated wellness, elite leaders and extraordinary impacts through partnerships.