Staff Directory

Michel G. Vermette

Chief Executive Officer
Tel.: 613-995-6127

Ilona Rehberg

Senior Director, Operations

Responsible for finance, procurement, contract
negotiation, human resources, information technology.
Support the CEO in fulfilling the mandate.

Tel.: 613.995.5427

Johanne LeBlanc

Senior Advisor for Executives

Provides confidential advice to public service executives across the country and abroad. Also refers executives to specialized services, as required.

Tel.: 613-992-5592

Christopher Boyle

Visiting Executive

Responsible for the onboarding of APEX members, relationships with event sponsors, and the membership discount program.

Tel.: 613.995.5443

Ann-Marie Julien

Visiting Executive

Responsible for the health of executives file,research and guidance and advice on human resources.

Tel.: 613-995-5435

William LeDuc

Visiting Executive

Responsible for internal governance, support to the board of directors and various committees, and strategic planning.

Tel.: 613.995.5458

Lawrence (Larry) E. Menard

Visiting Executive

Conducts research and offers guidance and advice on human resources.

Tel.: 613-943-3264

Maria Pagliarello

Visiting Executive

Responsible for the planning and organization of the APEX 2019 Symposium.

Tel.: 613-943-5865

Zivana Pavic

Visiting Executive

Responsible for organizing and managing events for executives as well as APEX Awards of Excellence and of the ceremony of recognition of entry to the executive ranks.

Tel.: 613.943.8916

Jennifer Clark

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Responsible for the administrative functions in support of the CEO and for maintaining the membership database.

Tel.: 613-943-8915

Line Larose

Finance & Membership Coordinator

Responsible for financial management and event logistics planning.

Tel.: 613-943-3263

Alexandre Sincennes-Dufresne

IT Manager, Events Registration Coordinator & Webmaster

Responsible for information technology,
website and event registration.

Tel.: 613-995-4075

Zoé Bietlot
Administrative Assistant & ReceptionistResponsible for the administration of APEX membership files and of the reception.

Tel.: 613-995-6252

Paul J. Choquette

Corporation Security Officer & (CSO)

Responsible for the maintenance of security clearances for retired executives.

Tel.: 613-944-6018