Join the APEX Executive Photo Challenge!

Share your best photo with APEX to “Showcase our Executive Community!”

We are inviting public service executives to take part in a summer photo challenge, to share a favourite photograph that exemplifies pride in the contributions of our dynamic and dedicated executive community.

Entries may cover any of these three themes:

· Executives serving Canada & Canadians across the country and around the world

· Executives promoting health & well-being

· Executives taking action for diversity & inclusion

Please include a short description of the photo (maximum 50 words). The photos or screen images may be set in any environment and feature individuals or subject matter that reflect these themes. We want to showcase the best of our community, and see where and how executives are serving Canada, and making the public service a great place to work.

Photo submissions should be high-resolution and in .jpg or .jpeg format. All participants will be asked to provide signed consent to use their names and photographs on APEX communications platforms (the request for consent will be sent to participants when they submit their entries, and must include all individuals in the photos). Please respect local public health and workplace COVID-19 guidelines in creating the photo submissions.

The top submissions will be featured in APEX communications in Fall 2021 and may be used on our communications platforms in the future. Any federal public service executive may participate and submit up to 3 photographs or digital images (including, eg. creative screen shots). New photos are encouraged, but in light of pandemic restrictions, APEX will accept photographs or digital images from January 1, 2019 or later. All individuals included in new or older photos must provide their consent.

Entries may be submitted from July 2nd up to October 15, 2021 to