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The Association of Professional Executives of the Public Service of Canada is the exclusive organization representing the interests of the entire Executive Community across Canada, and abroad. We have the privilege of supporting thousands of executives on a range of topics of interest. We also offer retired executives the opportunity to stay connected with the community.

Joining APEX, or renewing your membership is easy. If you are eligible to become a member and would like to join the Association, please simply fill out the online form and send it to


A strong and active membership ensures that the Association’s voice continues to be heard on behalf of the entire executive community.

For an annual $95 membership fee, you have an unrivaled opportunity to work with your peers, through consultations and working groups, to shape the policies that determine your working conditions.

APEX welcomes executives from across the Public Service to join the Association (please see eligibility section below). The Association provides a forum through which the shared professional interests and concerns of the different segments of its membership can be identified and explored.

Once a year, APEX hosts a special event to honour newly appointed executives. With the help of the Clerk of the Privy Council, the heads of central agencies and deputy heads, APEX welcomes these new executives to the Public Service’s management team and to the Association.

Join APEX for access to exclusive content and receive major discounts on our Annual Symposium. Check out all of the benefits of membership.

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If you are an indeterminate Executive of the Public Service of Canada (see classifications below), you are eligible to join APEX as a Regular Member. Former executives of these classifications are also eligible as “Associate members”, with specific rights defined in the APEX By-laws, section 6.04.

As per APEX By-laws (Section 6.0), eligibility for an APEX Membership is open to the following groups and levels:

  • Executive Group, EX-01 to EX-05
  • Deputy Minister, DM 01 to DM-03
  • Canada Energy Regulator, NEB 13-14-15
  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Grade 13-16
  • Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, MGT and RLE 01-04
  • Defense Scientific Services, DS 7A, 7B and 8
  • Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada, FT-05 to FT-08
  • Governor in Council, GCQ, GC, GX appointments in full time management positions
  • House of Commons, HCX-1 to HCX-5
  • Indian Oil and Gas, AB 9-14
  • Justice Canada, LC-01 to LC-04
  • Library of Parliament, LEX-01 to LEX-05
  • Medical Officer, MD-MOF 4 and 5
  • Medical Specialist, MD-MSP 3
  • National Capital Commission, RE/RÉ 8-11
  • National Research Council, MG 01-05
  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Canada, GR-EX-01 to GR-EX-05
  • Parks Canada, PCX 01-05
  • Office of the Auditor General, DX, AGS-07, PX, ASG-08, AAG, CE, DAG
  • Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions, REX-07 to REX-11
  • Senate, SEG
  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, GR-EX-01 to GR-EX-05

Why Join APEX

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Membership at APEX has many privileges. In line with our vision and mission statement, we offer our members high quality professional development opportunities, exclusive access to resources once logged in, and access to advisory services which can provide you with advice if you are facing a difficult situation at work. We advocate on your behalf during meetings with central agencies and Deputy Heads. As a member of APEX, you have a privileged access to your association.

LEARN ABOUT MEMBERSHIP BENEFITSA membership for executives that pays off in many ways:


  • APEX has introduced a suite of 4 new learning seminars and workshops; Leadership Series, Public Policy Issues Series, Inclusion Series, and the Executive Wellness Series. APEX members are given priority when registering for learning seminars and workshops
  • The Executive Insight Series is a unique and exclusive opportunity for executives to hear from senior-level leaders from private and public sectors. APEX invites Deputy Ministers to nominate high-performing individuals from their departments to participate in these half-day sessions.
  • APEX premier learning event: the annual Leadership Symposium offering world class keynote speakers from the private and academic sectors on topics such as innovation, leadership, collaboration, Canada’s economic outlook, and the health of the executive community. Members receive a special discounted rate on registration.

Resources for Members
Logged-Into APEX’s Website

  • APEX has published guides exclusively for members. These include the APEX Guide for Executives; the APEX Guide to Leave Without Pay (LWOP) and the APEX Guide to Retirement from the Federal Public Service.
  • Reference documents exclusive to APEX Members entitled INFO-APEX. We have developed a series of Info-APEX Sheets to help our members with work related issues (Leave Entitlements, Performance Management Process, etc.). These INFO-APEX Sheets cut through the numerous policies to provide you with the information you need.
  • Discounts and special offers: APEX has negotiated special rates for APEX members on recreational services and home and vehicle insurance. Become a member and connect to the APEX website for more information on discounts and special offers available at Mont-Tremblant Resort and GoodLife Fitness.

Advisory Services

  • APEX offers an Advisory Service for Executives for its members that is completely confidential. Whether you are facing major challenges at work or thinking of making a career change, you may be in need of advice at some point in your career as an executive.


  • APEX has established a ‘research function’ to help support the development of APEX positions. Based on sound research, APEX advocates on behalf of its members on matters that directly affect their career development and conditions of work.
  • Based on research and membership surveys, APEX engages Senior Government Officials on issues of importance.
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