APEX OverviewWe are an active voice, safe space, and catalyst that connects executive communities. Our research, partnerships, and alliances are our strengths.

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We provide strategic advocacy, research, professional development and advisory services to the executives of the Public Service of Canada.


We are driven to provide executives with opportunities to develop a strong community of practice, enhance their physical and mental well-being, and support excellence in leadership.


Together and individually, we are committed to excellence, trusted service, and meeting the needs of our executive leaders.


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INDIVIDUALS & LEADERS IN PUBLIC SERVICEWe are individuals with our own stories to tell, our own background, our own lives, our own communities, our own weaknesses, our own great potential. And we are leaders and therefore teachers and models of balance, of courtesy and compassion, of work ethic, of principle, knowing and teaching the basics.

IAN SHUGARTClerk of the Privy Council,
Remarks at the 2019 APEX Leadership Symposium.

Executive SupportOur work is built around three Centres of Excellence along with providing resources and tools to assist executives on their career journey.

Upcoming Events

Throughout the year, we offer national and regional events.

Dec 1
14:30 - 15:45 EST


Diversity and Inclusion

Our Executive Insights Series is returning the December 1, in partnership with Deloitte. We will focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and how we as leaders move from acknowledgement, to action, to impact . The session will allow attendees to reflect personally and professionally on key DEI questions and to unpack perspectives on inclusive leadership so that we can better serve Canadians and our own teams of public service professionals.

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Dec 8
13:00 - 14:30 EST


Ten Things Executives Need to Think About Before Retiring (Session in English)

By taking this pre-retirement seminar, you’ll benefit from the clear explanations and guidance of Patrick Imbeau, the pension specialist at Federal Retirees. You’ll also see statistics which demonstrate how giving a little bit of thought to your retirement early can have a big effect in the long run. Take advantage of this unique opportunity that can greatly benefit your future.

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Jan 27
13:30 - 15:00 EST


Isolation Nation: Supporting Mental Health

From acting as a long-time ambassador for Bell Let’s Talk, to founding his own non-profit organization #SickNotWeak, Michael Landsberg has cemented himself as one of the nation’s leading voices in mental health advocacy. Most recently, the former host of TSN’s Off the Record has devoted himself to supporting mental health and wellbeing throughout the COVID-19 pandemic with a digital program called Isolation Nation. “For a decade I [have] tried to describe how mental illnesses like depression and anxiety feel. I spent a thousand hours trying to convince so many that depression is a sickness and not a weakness,” explains Landsberg. However, since the pandemic hit, many who could not have personally understood the impact of mental illness before, have since begun to feel its effects. Loneliness can have a profound impact on both our mental and physical health. Come for this session! It is as uplifting as it is educational, helping to effectively tackle the pandemic of mental illness that has followed the virus.

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