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Updated on: January 22, 2021

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Dear friends and colleagues –

As we close out this year and welcome a new one, I know that we will have many memories of what we experienced in 2020. But for this message, I wanted to focus on what comes next. I want to focus on my personal hopes –  and on my beliefs – about what is possible in 2021.  There is always a ‘silver lining’, we just have to tug at it sometimes. Read more here.

APEX Awards of Excellence 2020-2021

NEW DEADLINE : February 15, 2021!

For more information about the Awards click here.


Highlights of the Advisory Services for Executives Annual Report 

The APEX Advisory Service for Executives annual report for 2019-20 brings a focus to the issues affecting public service executives today, including mental health, harassment and workplace conflicts.

Read more of the conversation with Head of APEX Advisory Service for Executives, Johanne LeBlanc.

Introducing the New APEX Logo!

APEX Logo 2020

APEX has officially launched our new logo. This sleek, modern design pays homage to the past and the accent embodies our vision and organizational values – professionalism, inclusion, integrity, innovation, and collaboration. We chose the circles to represent diversity and the whole executive, including our wellness and our professional aspirations.

But most of all, it was past time for our logo to be refreshed. APEX is a modern, progressive organization, and our logo should – and now does – reflect this fact. We hope you’re as excited about it as we are!

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