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APEX OverviewWe are an active voice, safe space, and catalyst that connects executive communities. Our research, partnerships, and alliances are our strengths.

What we do

We provide strategic advocacy, research, professional development and advisory services to the executives of the Public Service of Canada.


We are driven to provide executives with opportunities to develop a strong community of practice, enhance their physical and mental well-being, and support excellence in leadership.


Together and individually, we are committed to excellence, trusted service, and meeting the needs of our executive leaders.


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As public service leaders, everything that we do is grounded as part of a larger mission to serve Canadians. We strive to continually assess what we do and improve how we do it, particularly in times of extraordinary change. 

JANICE CHARETTE Former Clerk of the Privy Council,
Remarks at the 2023 APEX Leadership Summit

Executive SupportOur work is built around three Centres of Excellence along with providing resources and tools to assist executives on their career journey.

Upcoming Events

Throughout the year, we offer national and regional events.

Jan 17
13:00 - 14:15 EDT


Unlocking Neurodiversity - A Leadership Mindset

Effective leadership isn’t just about managing resources or hitting targets; it’s about harnessing the collective potential of diverse minds on a team to foster innovation, resilience, and growth. Understanding the connection between neurodiversity and belonging at work can unlock immense value for public sector leaders. By nurturing an inclusive environment for everyone, leaders can help accelerate innovation, enhance decision-making, and build a talent pipeline for their organizations.

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Jan 24
13:00 - 14:30 EDT


Leveraging the World’s Largest Untapped Mental Health Resource: People

Stéphane Grenier an internationally known mental health innovator, advocate, speaker, author, and entrepreneur shares practical insights and decades of experience in transforming corporate mental health cultures. He challenges traditional perspectives and emphasizes the need for open and non-stigmatizing approaches to employee well-being and encourages leaders to reshape corporate cultures

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Feb 7
13:00 - 14:15 EDT


Leading with a Dynamic Mindset

Dynamic leaders take initiative, set ambitious goals, and drive quickly toward them, taking concrete steps to transform ideas into reality. Nilufer Erdebil, an award-winning speaker, author, and entrepreneur will guide participants through essential components of a dynamic mindset that encourages collaboration, embraces change, and continuously re-aligns to steer towards sustained success.

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We are committed to keeping our community informed

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Strategic PartnersWe selectively develop public, private, and academic sectors partnerships and alliances to support critical programs and initiatives.

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