Transforming mindsets, behaviours and skills for a digital world

Date: February 23, 2022
Type: Virtual

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Transforming mindsets, behaviours and skills for a digital world

The public sector has been going through rapid change in both responding to the pandemic and adapting to emerging Digital Citizen Services. Now is the time for leaders in the Canadian public service to re-examine their approach to talent and skills development to ensure they are supporting their employees to thrive in the digital workplace. APEX is delighted to have Accenture present this session on Transforming Mindsets, Behaviours and Skills for a digital world.


Event Details

Date & Time: February 23rd, 2022 13:30 to 14:30

Topic: Transforming mindsets, behaviours and skills for a digital world

Audience: Executives of the Public Service (EX-01 to EX-05 or equivalent) across Canada and internationally

Cost: Free

Platform: Participants are welcome to attend our virtual event via webinar and/or teleconference. A meeting link will be sent once you are registered.


Christine Hamilton
Principal Director, Strategy and Consulting at Accenture

Christine Hamilton is a Principal Director in Accenture’s Strategy and Consulting practice, focused on helping federal government departments and agencies conceptualize and migrate through their transformation journeys. Ms. Hamilton is adept at aligning the assets and components of an organization to generate increased business results. She is an enthusiastic and energetic leader particularly attuned to the need to align people to the transformation journey and ensure that the right people are taking on the right roles and functions to concretely advance, which is increasingly complex as the skills and capabilities of the existing workforce often lag behind what is required.

With over 25 years of management and consulting experience, Ms. Hamilton has worked closely with a variety of clients to conceptualize, plan and implement performance improvement strategies, processes and solutions while actively supporting and managing organizational change.

Laura Clements

Canada Managing Director, Accenture

Laura leads the Canadian Federal Public Service Talent & Organization practice for Accenture. Laura is passionate in supporting her public sector clients in shaping and defining what an inclusive and future ready workforce looks like. This includes identifying and describing the talent, diversity and skills required to keep pace with new and emerging digital citizen services.

Leading with passion and humility, Laura builds meaningful connections with her clients, colleagues and partners to drive transformational change and new ways of working.

Laura’s experience in architecting and delivering large transformational change management and learning programs has enabled her clients to embrace the cloud, advance data literacy, and achieve enterprise digital competency, all while focused on putting people first.

Laura is a trusted advisor to her clients and has realized results in delivering across public service engagements in Canada, Singapore and Australia. Laura and her young family now live in Ottawa and can be found exploring the many bike and ski trails the region has to offer.

Janet Krstevski

Canada Managing Director

Janet leads Canada’s Talent & Organization/Human Potential Practice. She is also a member of Accenture Canada’s Strategy & Consulting Leadership Team as well as the NA and Global T&O/HP Leadership Teams.

Janet has 25+ years of experience focused on leading a wide variety of programs helping organizations harness digital technologies and evolve their workforces to innovate, unlock new sources of value and “lead in the new.” Her expertise includes Organization Transformation, Behavior and Culture Change, Employee Experience, Agile ways of working, Talent strategy, NewSkilling, and Journey Management with Design Thinking at the core.

Janet is passionate about the importance of people in the digital age and preparing organizations best for their digital journeys and the Future of Work. With Employee Experience at the centre, Janet partners with her clients to help reimagine possibilities for growth and to unleash the potential of people.

She is an advocate for Inclusion & Diversity and the advancement of women in Consulting and is also active within the community, currently on the ACCES Employment Board of Directors.


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